Sunday, November 14, 2010

Another reason to avoid the Windows Phone 7

Apparently the OS on Windows Phone 7 permanently modifies SD cards. Now, bear in mind that the card slot involved isn't an externally-accessible one, it's under the battery like the socket for the SIM card and you can't readily swap SD cards in and out of it. I suspect it's meant to offer carriers expanded storage for stuff that the user can't mess with or replace/upgrade themselves (if the carrier does things right). But it does bring up one point: Windows Phone 7 devices won't have an SD card slot users can swap cards in. No more dumping your files onto a card and reading them into another phone. No taking the card with phone files over to the computer and reading them in. No external backup of data. No external swappable storage period. To me that's a good reason to avoid those phones. I'd stick with an Android or other smartphone, where I've got the option of external storage.

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