Friday, November 28, 2008

The Srizbi botnet

After being taken down when McColo was shut down, then resurrecting itself, the Srizbi botnet has been taken down once again. It won't last, though, the botnet will start searching domain names trying to reestablish contact with it's command-and-control network, and it's operators will probably succeed We need new tactics:
  1. Instead of trying to block the botnet when it searches for a new C&C network, intercept it. Put something up at the next few domains it'll try that will respond correctly and take control of the botnet. Once you've got control, use that control to have the botnet download a new module that'll remove the botnet software from the computer, then shut down the computer until the user reinstalls Windows.
  2. Start sanctioning users who allow their computers to become infected. Right now there's no significant penalty assessed against the people who continue to allow their computers to be used by the botnet month after month after month. Start penalizing them. If they get infected, their Internet access gets suspended until they can provide evidence to their ISP that they've cleaned their machine up. Second offense, they get a 3-month suspension. Third offense, they get permanently disconnected. It's the Information Superhighway, and just like the real road system if you accumulate too many points we take away your driver's license.
Keeping a computer secure takes some effort and thought, especially if you're running Windows which was designed to be vulnerable. If there aren't noticeable penalties for being insecure, users just won't put forth that effort.

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