Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Projects I need to do

  • Clean up LJBackup. It's been sitting on the back burner for way too long.
  • Take the EQ2 body-part inventory system I've got, that's currently based on a hand-maintained CSV file, and convert it into a Spring MVC web app. For low-volume stuff I can run it under Tomcat on an odd port on my gateway machine. That'll let me update the inventory through the in-game browser while I'm actually moving body parts in and out. It'll also be a useful show-off project if I want to move into Java and/or web-app work.
  • Create a utility to back up Blogger blogs, both entries and comments, locally. This should be easier than LJBackup.
  • Multiple new computers. I've got the guts for a new gateway box (obsolete AMD dual-core Socket 939), just need a case for it. I can turn the existing machines into two boxes sufficient for the kids. That just leaves main/gaming systems.
  • I need to scheme some way of getting a hosted server and the time to configure and maintain it correctly. I want to handle e-mail, Web server, DNS and such myself and drop the XMission hosting.

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