Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Need to update site

I really need to start updating Silverglass (the Web site) again. It used to have a lot of pages about the nitty-gritty of configuring RedHat Linux. I've long since switched to Debian, and the configuration tools have gotten a lot better since the days when getting e-mail address masquerading working involved manually editing sendmail.mc, but there's still things I'd like to document. Setting up the zone files for a DNS server, for example, and configuring a DNS "blackhole" list (a set of DNS domains you want to make not exist anymore, eg. DoubleClick's domains, so that Web advertisements and such just vanish). And some things haven't changed, setting up a firewall for example, and details of Debian's startup scripts and how to play nice with them when writing your own is still useful information. And of course there's rants I want to write but haven't, the originals would be on my blogs of course but copies can go on the Web site. Then there's code projects like the LJBackup program I can finish up and drop on the site.

I just need to get time and energy together and actually do it.

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