Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Google session vulnerability

At DefCon there was a presentation on a way to hijack a Google Mail session. Google's implemented a new option to counter it, the option to always use SSL. Now, important point: the attack is not the one that sniffs your session cookie if you're using an unencrypted link. That attack can be prevented merely by using SSL all the time. This attack will work even if you use SSL for everything. It works by inserting code on a non-GMail page that'll cause a request to the non-SSL GMail pages, and the browser will send the session cookie in that unencrypted request without you being aware of it. When you use Google's fix, setting your account to always use HTTPS, Google does more than just force you to an "https:" URL. It also wipes your existing session cookie and creates a new one with a flag on it to tell the browser to only send this cookie in secure (HTTPS) requests. This prevents the cookie from being sent in the clear ever.

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