Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Future plans for Silverglass

I've got two general plans. One is to move a chunk of the site over to Google Sites as a short-term measure. XMission's done a good job of hosting the web site and e-mail, but I'm wanting to do things I can't do on their service. I want to run my own e-mail server, for instance, so I can provide service to a few friends. I want an external shell server, and I want a Web server I can set up to host other domains if I want to. I need my own host under my control for all that. The problem is I can't set all of that up overnight, so I need a temporary place to hold the web site while I sort out all the rest.

Long-term I want to set up CMS and website-editing software that'll let me do a lot more with the site without having to mess with editing HTML directly, and move the site completely onto my own server. Google Sites is nice for content, but I can't run custom back-end applications on it. I've got a few webapps I want to play with, and I need a server I can run them on. I may start by keeping the text portion on Google Sites and using my own server only for the webapps, but long term I want to be self-sufficient. The trick will be to find software that lets me create page templates and fill in just the content without limiting me to only doing that. Oh, and a model that lets me create/edit everything locally and publish to the site only when it's all correct is a must. Live editing of the site is a no-no.

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