Wednesday, December 3, 2008

BodyParts webapp

I finished the first pass at the BodyParts webapp that lets me view and maintain the Legends&Lore body parts inventory for my guild in EQ2. Security framework enabled, anonymous viewing and a login for editing, Tomcat set up properly, Apache configured to front for it. Now I can update the inventory from the in-game browser, no more writing things down on paper and windowing out to update text files.

Next things on the list:
  • Add add/subtract fields and buttons to the editing screen so that instead of having to do the math in my head I can just punch in the number of parts and hit Add or Subtract depending on whether I'm depositing or withdrawing parts.
  • Move the inventory from an XML data file into a real database table. I'll want to move the user information into a database table in the process and change authentication to match.
  • Reconfigure things to have all webapps in their own sub-tree so they don't sit directly at the root of the content tree. I'll have to see whether I want Apache to re-write URLs (so the user sees /webapp/BodyParts/ while Tomcat sees just /BodyParts/) or whether I want to make the change within Tomcat.
  • Change things in Eclipse to not depend on MyEclipse for the Spring framework and supporting libraries. I'm finding that as I get more familiar with things it's easier to edit the XML directly than to depend on MyEclipse's tools.
It's been a useful excercise so far.

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